Thursday, 26 April 2007



AL FITRAH - Events : A sneak preview of what’s to come…

Assalam'alikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Ya Muslimeen!!

So exams are knocking on the door, and you’re cramming a years worth of work in a matter of a few months. Over loaded with assignments and an endless list of module you cant even remember doing let alone review !!! at this time of year I call it the “imaan low point” as we spend every waking hour studying our dunya ilm and even when we manage to get that two hour sleep we end up dreaming about it ( annoying hey!) salah has become a 5 min break from the work and any time of self reflection and ibadah has gone vastly out the window, leaving us tiered, frustrated and most of all disconnected from our Lord Allah Subhana wa ta’ala.

Well never fear Al fitrah is here to lift those heads and inject life back into the heart, just what is needed to chase way exam time blues and look towards a summer of spending your time with the best company you could ever imagine…Allah subhana wa ta’ala!

For the summer season of events Al Fitrah is bringing you a course unlike any other to reconnect with your Lord based on the famous book 'Bulugh Al Maram min adilatil Ahkam', composed by Haafidh Ibn Hajar [AH.852] who has the most famous explanation of Bukhari called 'Fathul Bari'. The course is an intensive, detail study of acts of worship such as,

• The Book Of Purification:

• The Book of Salat (Prayer)

• The Book of Funerals.

• The Book of Zakat

• The Book of Fasting

• The Book of Hajj.

The course is to help those who attend to worship their Lord with evidence and to perform daily worship perfectly as well as tackling common misconceptions which we have.

There are two conditions which are essential for any action to be accepted. The first, Ikhlas (sincerity to Allah) and the second is that it be obliged to the Sunnah.

Insha'Allah the course will teach us what are these various ibadat, such as Wudu', when do we perform them? how did the Prophet do them? What is the understanding of our pious predecessors in regards to them and so forth.

The explanation of the book or for the course is taken from two main books, one from the famous sheikh, Ibn Uthaymeen and the other by his colleague, Abdullah Ibn Abdurahman Aal Bassam (May Allah have mercy upon them both). This blessed talk with be taught by our brother Abu Abdillah *

We are giving you the students a chance to participate on how you want this amazing course to be run and where? Above is a pole so please vote accordingly and give us your input on how this course can be most accommodating to students in order to reach maximum benefit and learning potential for all!

Keep your eyes peels and keep checking Al fitrah up and coming events section on the forum, details will be release soon and this is one event not to be missed. So make the intention and look forward to a summer of knowledge and ibadah in the company of the people of knowledge, the seekers of knowledge and most of all the Beloved giver of Knowledge Allah Subhana wa ta’ala.

*Brother Abu Abdillah’s teachers have been amongst Sheikh Yahya who has studied with the great eminent scholars such as Sheikh Uthaymeen and Sheikh Bin Baz. Sheikh Khalid Al afifi (a student of sheikh Uthaymeen) is his current teacher whom he has studied Bulugh Al maram with and is currently studying in the faculty of shariah in the university of Madina.

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